• Orchid Greenhouse
  • 2,200-acre potato farm in Maine
  • Two artisan cheese plants in New Mexico and New York
  • 900-head goat dairy with milk and cheese processing plant and retail store with a restaurant in Wisconsin.
  • 31 poultry plants, including: feed mills, hatcheries, processing plants in AL, GA, MS, OH, IL, and TN
  • Cranberry processing plants including a juice processing plant and a sweetened dried processing plant in Wisconsin
  • Air-chilled poultry processing plant in PA
  • Organic egg processing plant in PA
  • 9 dairy processing plants in MN, IA, and WS
  • 10 dairy processing plants in OR, WA, and ID
  • A large equestrian breeding and training facility in OR
  • A 1100 acre sweet corn operation in Hudson Valley, NY
  • New construction feed mill in MS
  • Developed policies and procedures for appraisal and valuation department in banks and Farm Credit Services.
  • Evaluation reviews in ten Farm Credit Services nationwide.


“We have been using your company for several years to conduct our Internal Credit and Appraisal Reviews. We have been pleased with your services from both a quality and cost effectiveness standpoint. In addition, based on your Farm Credit background, strong relationship with FCA, and strong grasp of current events, we value your input and advice.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and we hope to continue that relationship into the future.”

John Logsdon
Ag New Mexico Farm Credit Services, ACA
Sr. Vice President
Policy, Compliance, Capital Markets